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  • Welcome to Firebird

    At Firebird we are committed to the ongoing development of innovative heating products. Alongside our renowned oil-fired boilers and back boilers, we have a wide range of products including solar hot water heating systems, biomass boilers and range cookers.Learn More

  • Amber 363 Low Emissions Fuel, Usage and Analysis

    Amber 363 Low Nox Fuel, SCAQMD BACT RACT LAER approved, diesel alternative, ASTM D975 compatible, backup generator fuel, boiler fuel, turbine fuel. Detailed comparison of Amber 363 and Diesel2, alternatives, and permit information.Learn More

  • Off Road and Dyed Diesel Questions Answered | Star Oilco

    Feb 11, 2021 · Heating oil is always a diesel fuel, but sometimes dyed diesel for off-road equipment has a different specification than heating oil. For example, in Oregon a 5% biodiesel or 5% renewable diesel mandate exists for any dyed diesel fuel used in off-road equipment. This biofuel mandate exempts heating oil and boilers.Learn More

  • Saudiboiler.com - Renting Boilers

    Saudi Boilers® is a boiler company specialized in all types of boilers and services with a highly dedicated and qualified team. Saudi Boilers® supply and manufactures steam boilers of any types with professional experience exceeding 30 years. Saudi Boilers® is a leader in boiler engineering …Learn More

  • Biodiesel Information - Taylor Oil Company

    Jun 12, 2020 · At this time no oil burner, boiler or fuel pump manufacturer has approved biodiesel for use in home or commercial oil applications. However with several years of field and laboratory studies well documented the National Oilheat Research Alliance organization has continued to embrace an inclusion of 5% biodiesel as a blend stock into number two heating oil.Learn More

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